RG Schedules

VineRGy 2016 RG General Schedule only:

Friday April 22, 2016

All day check in and badge issuing. Must have valid 21 and over ID

9 am Hospitality room opens up

9:45 am load van or car for optional B Reactor Tour at Wine Valley Inn. ($30 extra with a few spots still available.) *See schedule below

10:30 Games room opens up

Noon, 12:30 or 1 pm, No Host Lunch for everyone else at: Jeremy's, Horse Heaven Saloon,and Whitstran Brewing

3:30 pm B Reactor tour group gets back to WVI

6 pm No Host Dinner at Jeremy's (next door)

7:30 pm Beth Hickey gives Syrah wine presentation and blind tasting at Jeremy's following dinner

9 pm Mike Eager gives Chocolate presentation and tasting

Saturday April 23, 2016

9 am to 9:40 am Hospitality room is open 

9:50 am load van for Wine Tour at Wine Valley Inn (Price included free in RG registration fee) *See schedule below

3 pm van returns and unloads at WVI

5 pm Patty Wolk gives Chardonnay presentation and tasting with cheeses tasting contest in Hospitality/Games room

6:30 pm No Host Dinner at: Jeremy's, Horse Heaven Saloon, or Whitstran Brewing

8 pm Steve LePage gives presentation on "What Some of Us are Doing Now to Prepare for Space" in Games room

10pm SueAnn Gilmore hosts an Oh Hell tournament or Double-Deck Cancellation Hearts card game in the Game room

Sunday April 24, 2016

11 am Check out time at WVI

Noon Games and Hospitality rooms close

(Cheers and thanks for coming!)

Optional B Reactor Tour Schedule only (Price is $30 extra, some spots still available)

Friday April 22, 2016

9:45 am load van or car for optional B Reactor Tour at Wine Valley Inn

10:30 am unload at B Reactor Tour registration spot and register in Richland. Bring ID.

10:45 am load Tour Charter Bus to go to the B Reactor on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

11:15 am unload Tour Bus at B Reactor and take guided tour

2:30 pm reload Tour Bus to go back to registration spot in Richland

3 pm unload Tour Bus and reload van or car in Richland to go back to Prosser

3:30 pm arrive back at the VineRGy RG at the WVI 

Wine Tour Schedule only (Price included free in RG registration fee)

Saturday April 23, 2016, Wine Tour:(Bring extra cash for Tasting Fees (TF) and gourmet food items)

9:50 am Group A (led by SueAnn Gilmore for early registrants having no host lunch at Wine O'Clock) loads van at Wine Valley Inn
  10:05 am Group B (led by Jane LePage and having no host fast food lunch) loads van at Wine Valley Inn

10 am Taste wines at 14 Hands. $5 TF
  10:50 Group A reload van
  11 am Group B reload van

11 am Taste wines at Desert Wind. $10 TF and optional $10 Prosciutto ham tasting 
  11:50 Group A reload van
  Noon Group B reload van

Noon Group A, SueAnn and early registrants have a no host reserved lunch at Wine O' Clock
  12:10 pm Group B taste wines at Thurston Wolfe next door $10 TF
  12:40 pm Group B reload van to have lunch at nearby fast food restaurants ( Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks)
  12:50 pm Group A reload van at Wine O'Clock
   1:10 pm Group B reload van at fast food restaurants

1 pm Taste wines at Chinook. $5 TF
  1:50 pm Group A reload van
  2 pm Group B reload van

2 pm Taste wines at Hogue. No TF
  2:50 pm Group A reload van
  3 pm Group B reload van

3 pm Tour done and back at Wine Valley Inn 

3:10 pm Take a nap, go to the Games room, or sit around the camp fire and relax